Some important numbers related to stress in Switzerland


of active people in Switzerland feel emotionally exhausted (Job Stress Index 2022)

6.5 billion CHF

is the estimated productivity loss (Job Stress Index 2022)


of young people aged 9 to 15 are affected by stress, which increases with age (Albrecht et al. 2021, Pro Juventute Study)


of young people aged 15-21 feel stressed, the main source of stress being education (Juvenir Study 4.0, Jacobs Foundation)

Stress effects in Switzerland

According to the World Happiness Report 2019, Switzerland is on the top 10 of countries with the highest well-being. Despite this, percentage of stress and related disorders increase every year. Occupational health is among the worst in Switzerland, with depression, burnout and malaise being the number one pathology at work. Even young people suffer from stress, putting high pressure on them and being scared about their professional future.
Psychological disorders

Consequences of stress


1 out of 5 people suffers from depression. The estimated cost is 10 billion CHF per year, however this number may be understimated, since many cases are not reported (Tomonaga et al. 2013, University of Zurich)


There are still few studies but SECO estimates the burnout and its consequences cost 4.2 billion CHF per year. A large part of the costs are due to absenteeism and reduced productivity.